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The BEST of 100+ Days of Continuous World Travel

After traveling to 12 countries in over 100 days since leaving London in April, we have often been asked what our favorite places and experiences were. I have shared the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful with clients, friends, and family who have asked. I now want to share my list of the BEST with everyone else.  I have made the list short and sweet with hope that it will inspire you to travel and to experience some of the the world's most beautiful destinations. As always, I am also more than happy to discuss and help plan your travels too!  Top 5 favorite countries: Myanmar Sri Lanka   Vietnam  Colombia Laos Top 3 favorite luxury resorts: Soneva Kiri: Thailand Nay Palad: Philippines Nihi Sumba: Indonesia Favorite experiences we had as a Family:  Elephant camp in Laos  Participating with English classes for Local Children on Sumba Island   Releasing turtles in Sri Lanka   Favorite Experiences we had

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