Through James' Eyes

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An Interview with James Before He Sets Off Around the World
March 27, 2018

Me (Mom): What makes you the most excited when you think about traveling the world?
James: Getting on an airplane.

Me: What country are you most excited to visit?
James: Africa.
Me: Why Africa?
James: Because it is my favorite place. They have playgrounds. (He has not been to Africa)

Me: Is there anywhere you do not want to go?
James: China because I don't like the guys dancing. (Not sure where this comes from)

Me: What animal do you hope to see in the wild?
James: A Cheetah because they are super fast and I like them.

Me: What do you hope to learn about when visiting so many countries?
James: Maybe jet fighter airplanes.
Me: Ok, where do you expect to learn more about Jet Fighters? 
James: Africa.

Me: Is there anything that makes you a bit scared when you think of traveling?
James: Sharks.

Me: Will you eat spicy food when you travel?
James: No, I don't like pepper salsa.


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