Purpose in the Wanderings

I love to travel. There is no doubt about that. It awakens my soul and excites the whole of me. I am brought alive in experiencing new cultures and I can never get enough. I want to travel everywhere. I want to experience everything. I want to meet everyone.

I had the opportunity to travel for a little over a year to various places around the world with no responsibility to work or relationship. Many were envious and commented on how lucky I was to be able to do such a thing. Yes, it was wonderful and an experience for which I am forever grateful. However, it was lonely at times and eventually it felt empty too. I had been traveling feeding my own selfish desires and in that, I wanted, well, more. I wanted a purpose to my wanderings. I guess our souls call us to this. We are meant for more.

Travel opens our eyes to the world and creates a space for us to be able to think. It provides a clearer perspective to our life when we are able to step away from it. It is in this, that we are able to figure out what we are doing with our time on this earth and who we ultimately are. I find it nearly impossible not to wrestle with life's larger questions when traveling.

I urge everyone to get out and travel. Not just to see the world as a passer by, but to engage with it and to improve oneself as a human being. Talk with those you encounter and try new things. Learn how to add a purpose to your wanderings by taking the time to reflect on where you are, where you want to be, and who you want to be. Learn. Live. Love. Give. Laugh.

Wander in purpose.


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