Winter Getaway

Most of us want to take a long winter break after the holidays due to the chaos that all the festivities can bring.  A last-minute getaway or simply a way to wind down and wrap up the season is in order. Therefore, I wanted to recommend some wonderful places to find peace and relaxation in the New Year. 
                                                                                               One and Only Reethi Rah
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Planning to travel can be stressful, especially during this time of year when you are just plain tired. I can help to not only make the process seamless and easy, but I can ensure you receive the utmost quality treatment and amenities on your vacation—and there couldn’t be a more perfect time to relax, enjoy quality time with loved ones and treat yourself to an adventure!
Many travelers prefer one of two extremes when they travel during the cold winter months. The first choice is typically the warm tropical areas of the world, and the second is for those mountain-loving avid skiers or those who simply desire to get cozy by a fire and sip on hot cocoa. 

  Per Aquum Niyama
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As for a warm weather vacation, the Maldives is easily one of my favorites. I have been lucky enough to have vacationed there myself twice staying at the One and Only Reethi Rah and Per Aquum Niyama. I have sent a number of lucky clients to other resorts as well. Everyone returns happy. Everyone. The waters are perhaps the most beautiful I have seen and the service is impeccable. There are luxury resorts for every client whether honeymooners or an active family. I can help you find the perfect fit.

                                                        Kitzbuhel, Austria
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For the winter weather lovers, Kitzbuhel, Austria has been a favorite of mine. Not only is this entire area visually stunning, it is also known for skiing. In fact, skiing began here in 1893.  There are several types of skiing offered here as well as snowshoe hiking and tobogganing. Kitzbuhel is a small, medieval town set parallel to the river Kitzbuhler Ache in Tyrol, Austria.

Situated in this area is a quaint, five-star hotel that I have personally had the pleasure of staying in. I found this hotel to be spectacular, and it has received praise from numerous reviews. Hotel Tennerhof is the epitome of charm and luxury rolled into one. The view from the hotel is absolutely breathtaking. The picturesque little village of Kitzbuhel, as well as the stunning mountains that surround it, can be seen from the panoramic view the hotel provides. The official winter season this year began on December 15th, 2016 and extends through March 26th, 2017 so you have plenty of time to book your trip!

  Hotel Tennerhof
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Another option is Megeve—a ski resort village situated in the Alps of southeastern France, specifically in Mont Blanc massif. I simply cannot mention winter getaways without highlighting this one. This little village is straight out of a storybook; it is truly magical. Megeve offers various forms of skiing as well, from cross-country to downhill runs. The picturesque town center is lined with cobblestone streets and shopping boutiques. 
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Whether your preference is to get a golden glow from relaxing on the beaches under palm trees swaying in the cool breeze or curling up by a warm fire after a long day of skiing, there is an option out there that is perfect for you.


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