How we work for you...

Purposeful Wanderings believes your vacation begins when you start the process of planning. The way in which you begin to dream and plan sets the tone. Avoid the countless hours of doing it on your own and let an expert take care of it for you so that you can experience the very best that travel has to offer. Your vacation time is precious and it makes sense to invest in hiring a travel professional who is well traveled and well connected in the industry. 

There are numerous benefits that come with booking through a luxury travel agency such as ours. Your accommodations and other aspects of travel can have added VIP amenities when booked through Purposeful Wanderings. We are able to do this by partnering with SmartFlyer, a luxury elite travel business that has special relationships within the travel industry worldwide as well as its own air-ticketing department. As a member of Virtuoso and holding elite partnerships with the top luxury hotels and travel services worldwide, we provide access to the best. Furthermore, we have extensive personal knowledge of luxury travel options from our own experiences and connections. Having lived in London and now traveling the world, we are able to give recommendations and advice on many destinations worldwide in which we have personally been, sent clients, and know the owners or managers. Travel is a very personal business and one built on relationships. Our relationship with you is extremely important. 

Why Purposeful Wanderings: 

I have always desired to live life purposefully. As I began to travel more frequently, I realized I wanted not only to find rest and relaxation,  but I wanted to create a meaningful experience that would shape me. I craved an experience where I could make memories that would produce stories that I could one day pass on to my children—memories that would be etched into my mind and heart for the rest of my life, my children’s lives and their children’s lives. This desire has caused me to constantly seek out and source the best partners and experiences, especially in the context of luxury travel. I am always looking for the experiences that are most enriching, unique and well worth the effort and cost. Using my skills as an educator combined with my knowledge of travel and involvement in the philanthropic world, I will work to create travels of legacy for my clients. 

I encourage myself and my clients to embrace new experiences in their travels. This is all in hopes that they may experience a true glimpse of the people whose country or city they are visiting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love luxury and appreciate having a car and driver to reveal to me the wonders of a new city while I relax in the back seat with not a care in the world. However, I believe you can have both and this is what sets my business apart from others in this industry. There is a purpose for it all.

I provide my clients with the option of either or both. I will custom-create a package of pure luxurious bliss that will last from the moment you step off the plane to the moment you check out of your accommodations. If you would rather have a more interactive travel experience—melding with locals and diving into the culture—I also can assist with that path. Most itineraries we create are a combination of both.

If you find yourself somewhere in between wanting to experience pure rest and relaxation, yet still have a desire to somehow contribute to or interact with the culture you’re visiting, Purposeful Wanderings will make a donation to a charity of your choice in the city or country you visit. We will also gladly work directly with you, your children's teachers and financial advisor to create an educationally rich experience that involves leaving a legacy.


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